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Meet Our Founder

Blessings Kings and Queens,  


My name is Divinity West, owner and curator for Divine Kreations. I would first like to express my gratitude for your presence and support.  My journey of self-discovery led me back to the root of my beginning, Africa. As I educated myself on different cultures, ways of life, I began to look at how I wanted to live my own. Releasing myself from the bonds of what others said my life could be in order to live authentically me. This included how I walked, talked, ate.. And dressed.  

As a fashion curator and certified doula, it is my intention to provide avenues for those of cultured lifestyles to live authentically. African style clothing is a representation of the Divinity within us. Divine Kreations 11 is your opportunity to express your authentic divinity with style. 

Peace & Blessings!

Divinity West

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Journey to Sankofa

The Blog

Join me in my journey to self-discovery and ancestral alignment as I travel through Africa. Wanderlust as I speak with different tribes, indulge in culture and become entranced with the motherland. This is OUR journey.

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